Joshua Hinchey

I met Joshua Hinchey in the Fall of 1994. He was part of the freshman class at UArts in Philadelphia. We skated a lot that year. If it wasn’t Love Park or City Hall then it was the alley next to the dorms. We became quick friends through skateboarding.

joshua-hinchey-ollie joshua-hinchey-sketches

When did you start skating?
1987 or 1988.

What was your first skateboard?
Santa Cruz, Jason Jessee the one with Poseidon on it.

When did you stop or slow down significantly?
1995-1996. School, work, girlfriend and bad injuries.


What do you do for a living?

When you are not skating, how often do you think about skateboarding?
Every time I hear music that I collected in the late 80s or early 90s it brings me right back.

joshua-hinchey-shop-wall joshua-hinchey-shop-sign

How did skateboarding affect the direction of your life?
High energy fun, friendly competition and breaking boundaries. I still value all the mental parts of skateboarding.


What is the connection between skateboarding and creativity?
You make your own rules and try as hard as you can not to break them.

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