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When did you start skating?
I started skating when I was 13 years old. The first time I ever set foot on a skateboard I bombed a hill, got speed wobbles, fell, and broke all the teeth in my mouth. I ended up having to get stitches and I remember not being able to eat anything for a week. For some reason I kept doing it after that.

What was your first skateboard?
My first board was the original Zero logo board.

When did you stop or slow down significantly?
I never stopped. I skate all the time. Obviously, real life may slow me down at times, but I don’t let it stop me.

What do you do for a living?
I was a full time student up until June 15′ now I build guitars all day.


When you are not skating, how often do you think about skateboarding?
My job is building guitars with recycled skateboards so I think about it all the time. Also, living in San Francisco, it’s hard to not think about skating. Too many spots and friends.


How did skateboarding affect the direction of your life?
Without skateboarding I don’t think I would be the same person at all. Skateboarding helps me relax and have fun. I learned so much from it. Things like patience, creativity, street smarts, and more. It’s crazy to think of all the people I have met through skateboarding as well: people young, old, international, or whatever. We can all relate when we are around each other.

What is the connection between skateboarding and creativity?
I think the major link between skateboarding and creativity is that you can do anything you want. You begin to look at architecture differently and every skater has their own ideas and tricks that they want to try. Even aside from skating, many skaters are very talented in art, music, photography, etc.

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