From the Web: Harmony Korine on Skateboarding


The always awesome Patrick O’Dell (of Epicly Laterd) did an interview with writer/director Harmony Korine on IMDB (Kids, Gummo & many more) that focuses deeply on skateboarding and his youth around the four-wheeled toys.

I like this bit a lot, but you should read the whole thing here –> An Exclusive Interview with Harmony Korine on Skateboarding via

Patrick O’Dell – Are there other things in your work that come from skateboarding?

Harmony Korine – I don’t know, even in a film like Trash Humpers that I did, which was more of an experiment, that’s still kind of about skating. In some weird way, if you watch the films there is kind of an obsession with an American landscape or kind of a middle American vernacular. I’m always thinking, “Why am I so drawn to alleyways, and parking lots, dilapidated buildings, the back of supermarkets?” You are drawn to certain things, and if you spent so much time as a kid skating in those places they start to become familiar. They are the middle American ruins. You start to finds a solace in that, an attraction. Places where you can disappear.

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